About Me

For Tomorrows Goals

Hi I'm Dave, I am a Degree Qualified Engineering but due to uncertain times during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the previous downturn in the Oil Industry I have had to make  few decisions on what to do with my self. So recently I retrained as a Level 3 Personal Trainer at Alpha Academy working on as and when required basis. The services I bring is an whole round service from providing initial fitness assessment thru to illustrating how gym equipment works. 

 I am also a Qualified Running Coach registered with Scottish Athletics to instruct running from complete beginner to advance level. 

I myself love to keep active and fit and have undergone a vast fitness regime to change my mindset to keeping and staying active.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon,


About My Training

I studied for my qualification online with Alpha Academy. The course I took is designed for people who want to work as a level 3 personal trainer. A personal trainer needs a plethora of skills. I had to learn about about the nutrition, food values and illustrates the concepts of nutrition . I also studied about human physiology and kinesiology so that I have a good understanding on energy production, muscle actions, etc. Different types of exercise such as aerobics training, and basic weight training, muscle exercise, stretching and Cardio Workouts.